Transience is an exploration of memories through the lens of a dream. Themes of unraveling, fragmentation, and distortion in my work allude to the instability of memories. The image is constantly shifting depending on the location of the viewer, much like the way our memories change over time with additions, subtractions, and alterations. Throughout the course of a night’s sleep, we relive fragments of recent waking life, which are stitched together with existing memories from the past. Often, these dream narratives appear bizarre and nonsensical to our waking mind. Objects morph and shapeshift while time and space are obscured, emphasising the way something familiar can suddenly become strange and unsettling. The objects and imagery used are inspired by specific memories from my life, which are collaged together with items that relate to ideas of storage, protection, detachment, stitching, and weaving as references to the processes involved with memory formation. The final result reflects the bizarre and uncanny nature of our dreams, inviting the viewer to step into a space that allows them to explore, discover, question, and daydream.